This overview is a sample of what to expect using Peacock Consulting to assist with your PPMS™ Implementation:

Part 1: Initial Meeting and Review

Preliminary Meeting and Initial Audit

The preliminary meeting is a time to sit down and have the consultant and executive staff share goals, experiences and expectations.

Initial Audit

The initial audit will help identify what procedures specific to the company’s processes are going to be the first to be written with the consultant meeting individually with each key employee (e.g. managers and supervisors).  Each key employee will discuss what they do and the general methods for accomplishing their responsibilities, areas they may have already identified that can be improved, and the benefits of PPMS™ and what to expect.

Part 2: Training

Key employees are trained on the general idea and components of PPMS™.  This is to provide a foundation for the supervisors and managers and help prevent any anxiety or apprehension in regards to the implementation process.

  • PPMS™ Overview; An Introduction to Agency Certification
  • Maintaining Quality
  • Procedures and the Elements

Part 3: Implementation

Agency Tasks

  • Begin tracking of Client Issues, Nonconformities, Continuous Improvement projects, and training (3 months of tracking required for certification)
  • Provide consultant with any additional information required for documentation
  • Review procedures completed by consultant
  • Implement solutions for Client Issues and Nonconformities
  • Complete at least 1 Continuous Improvement report
  • Follow completed documented procedures

Peacock Consulting Tasks

  • Develop and write procedures that are “PPMS™ specific”
  • Write required procedures based on current processes
  • Provide completed Company Manual
  • Provide templates for  Work Instructions and Procedures
  • Manage overall project to ensure staff is staying on task
  • Assist with implementation of Client Issue and Nonconformity solutions
  • Provide additional training where necessary

Part 4: Preparation of Submission

Agency Tasks

  • Hold Management Review Meeting
  • Hold all company training on ACA’s code of ethics
  • Continue tracking of Client Issues, Nonconformities, Continuous Improvement projects, and training (ongoing)
  • Assist with internal audit and submission documentation
  • Follow procedures
  • Select CPA for Attestation
  • Submit initial request to ACA for PPMS™ certification

Peacock Consulting Tasks

  • Perform Internal Management Audit (provides process for future years)
  • Prepare Trend Analysis review for management review
  • Ensure procedures are current and accurate
  • Prepare certification submission paperwork (guarantees compliance)

Part 5: Submission

Agency Tasks

  • Meet with agency chosen CPA for attestation
  • CPA will submit documentation to certification body for review of certification

Peacock Consulting Tasks

  • Say “Congratulations for achieving PPMS™ Certification!”


The Professional Practices Management System (PPMS™) is a company certification program offered by ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.  For more information click here